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About Me

20-something girl who likes to travel, explore different cultures, read and write (not necessarily in the same order). When not dealing with technology issues in her day job, she can be found wondering at a random fitness fact or reading reviews of the next book she plans to buy. More often than that, she can be found day-dreaming about the next destination she plans to travel to (the list is endless) or that novel that she plans to write someday.

Husband a.k.a Favourite Travel Companion a.k.a Best Friend.

My partner in crime who plays a good sport to every crazy plan I make. He loves movies, photography and The Big Bang Theory. Does watching too much Big Bang Theory make a man talk more and more logically and less romantically is a topic for my thesis if I plan to do a PhD someday !

Want to say hello? Do it at

  1. hey what a nice blog ! I am glad to have met you !

  2. Hey girlinjammies,

    What a gorgeous header you have got here, what place is this?
    And you have a pretty, pretty smile lady πŸ™‚

    Psst..Do you have a blog nickname?

    • Ah, thanks a lot. The header is a picture of Versallies palace in France.

      Haha, no blog nickname as such. Call me whatever you like πŸ™‚

  3. I love your blog! I read through a few of your past posts and noticed you were in DTW and had a horrible experience with Air France. My hubby and I had a horrible experience with both them and Air Italia during our honeymoon two years ago. UGH. We will definitely be avoiding flying both in the future! Are you from MI? Or were just in the area during that trip?

    • Thanks Aparna. I have been staying in MI for the last two years on work(with a small break while I was in India). Sadly, moving out next week.

      Oh, having such an experience especially during your honeymoon is very irritating. I will be avoiding them too.

      I see from your profile that you are from Ann Arbor, I just love Ann Arbor, such a cute town.

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