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The choices that define us

May 17, 2013

They say you are defined by the choices you make in life.

Sometimes it is hard, really very hard. You spend hours analysing the options; you weigh the pros and cons, stack them against each other and if you are lucky, one option may far outweigh the other. When that is not the case, you are left feeling delusioned. You don’t know which is a right or wrong choice. You are in that scary place where you feel that the choice that you make may turn out detrimental in long term. The best you can do is choose one option and hope for the best. Believe that things work out in the end. Keep faith.

But are there right or wrong choices in life? Life doesn’t come with a reset switch by which you can go back in time; make a different choice and see for yourself how it turns out. You may have messed up at an entirely different aspect with that choice. Maybe there are no right or wrong choices in life. You have to make the most of what you are given. You just have to suck it up, be brave and trust your decision. That is why the note I received from universe today couldn’t have been more apt at this time.

Everyone’s scared, Girl.

Few carry on.

Keep calm,
The Universe

  1. Ive been in that frame of mind twice this year. Well! I took a decision that I deemed was the best thing to do. Sometimes, we need to decide and whatever we decide will bear its effect on us:)

  2. somehow, based on my experience, i believe that its karma that binds with us which inturn reflects back to our life through the decisions.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! Sometimes over-analysing seems foolish. Especially, when anything could go right (as planned) or go the other way! Weighing pros and cons is okay only to assuage a troubled mind to a small extent. We only have to travel the path to see what it holds.

    Lovely lovely message 🙂

    • Yes kismi, we have to travel the path to see what it holds. We just have to keep faith that wherever the path leads us is where we are meant to be.

  4. Thank you for sharing,
    Very interesting to read- and i do Believe its all meant to be.
    Whatever actions we take will lead us where we are supposed to be!

  5. All of us have been in such a situation. Phew! Sometimes, life seems so complicated…

    Beautiful, beautiful message!

  6. Pratibha permalink

    Thanks for sharing! Yeah it does get scary, but we got to keep hoping and move on.

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