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April 23, 2013


The owl earrings. My sister has an owl necklace. A few days back, I chanced upon these owl earrings in a random jewellery shop. Since then, I am hooked. I find them way too fun that I wish I could pair them up with every outfit.


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  1. That looks lovely and very colourful! I am sure it would add a bit of fun to any outfit. 🙂

    I don’t think I can carry such jewellery effectively, though. However, I have been in love with a similar owl necklace ever since I saw it on a fashion blog.

    • Yes, it does add a bit of fun to every outfit 🙂 I am too tempted to wear it with my formal clothes too 😉 I am holding myself back somehow.

      Oh TGND, don’t they say ‘Wear it like you own it’. You can carry off anything with a head held high. Go for it girl.

  2. Loved the fish necklace in this post, too:

    Thought you might like to see! 🙂

  3. Lovely lovely lovely! It’s so colourful and fun! 🙂
    Have fun with it gal. I love collecting accessories as well. I have a necklace with a slipper pendant from the US since years – I can’t stop showing them off to this day!

    • It sure is fun. Yes, I love collecting unique accessories as well. I would love to see your necklace sometime 🙂

  4. vishalbheeroo permalink


  5. Pratibha permalink

    Wow, so colorful and fancy! 🙂

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