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January 3, 2013

Bruised, battered and broken

she lay in her hospital bed,

fighting for her life with

dreams yet to be realized


The entire nation hoped that

she survives, for her spirit

couldn’t be extinguished

even by her tormentors


As you bid us goodbye,

Thou ‘India’s Daughter’,

will be remembered

for years to come.


You shook

our conscience and

demanded we mend

our ways and acts.


Oh patriarchal society,

it’s your turn now. Behave,

because we women are

forced to say “Enough”


This post was written for Trifecta Writing Challenge.

I wrote this post in memory of ‘Amanat’, who was brutally gang raped in Delhi a few weeks ago. May you rest in peace. May your struggle be not in vain.


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  1. This was a horrible incident that has embarrassed us all as Indians. Not only the gruesome crime but also the follow-up and the handling of the aftermath by the Government and Delhi Police showed us how powerless we really are at the hands of our own democratically elected government.
    I covered the way forward from this in one of my posts, coincidentally named Amaanat. I hope you’d like to read it and hopefully comment as well. Here’s the link:

  2. Beautiful, powerful words.

  3. kymminbarcelona permalink

    What a wonderful tribute.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    This is so incredibly sad. But you wrote a lovely and moving tribute.

    • Yes, that was a very sad incident. Writing a tribute was my way of offering a silent prayer for her soul.

  5. I echo your sentiments, may her death not be in vain.

  6. Draug419 permalink

    I read about this in the news. A terrible thing, but your tribute is very fitting for her bravery.

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