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Life in bullet points !

December 3, 2012

– After coming back to India, first two months were spend in a frenzy search for a place that I can rent and call it a home. Looks like renting out a place you like is harder than ever. First you scour through hundreds of ads in websites, call the house owners/brokers, go to see the aforementioned houses, get disappointed/appalled at the location/cleanliness and then start the process all over again. In between, get cheated by a cunning house owner and loose a lot of money. Well, it is not fun at all and sucked out all the energy from me for several weeks. I am glad I finally found a house I liked and the house owners are really nice too.

– One thing I realised after coming back is that my road-crossing skills had been gravely affected. I can’t (for the fear of my dear life) cross a road with the dexterity I possessed until a few years back. I get scared by the way the vehicles come at me and always back off at the last moment. Nowadays, I almost always stand next to a person who is in the process of crossing the road already and go with him/her.

– I feel giddy with the realisation that I can just step out and call a rickshaw or hire a cab or get into a bus and reach my destination. Yay for the public transport !

– In first few weeks in Bangalore, I had to fight really hard against my allergies. I guess I am getting used it now. Huh !

– One of the highlights of my weeks in Bangalore so far – Visiting Blossoms. I believe I will never get bored of this place. Never ever. It brought so many fond memories back and I was happy to be re-united with blossoms.

– I watched Talaash last weekend. I was engrossed in the movie from the beginning. But at the very end, when they revealed the ‘killer’ I felt rather meh ! Well, if that was the end, then the plot of the movie is unbelievably thin. But it sure is a one-time watch.

– I am looking forward to watching ‘Life of Pi’. Looking at the rave reviews, I feel this will be one movie which is better than the book it is based out of (Is such a thing possible?). I found the book rather boring. Something with the booker prize winner books and me, we just don’t get along well.

– Of late, I had been feeling that I always bite more than I could chew. I get involved in a lot of activities and in the end, one or two of them eventually suffer. I have always considered myself a good multi-tasker, but now I am realising that may be I am not. Maybe I will be better off concentrating on a few tasks. What I really need to learn is to prioritize. Any of you good multi-taskers out here, please advise.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    TK – Firstly, nice to see something new on your blog, has been a while…
    Secondly, do watch “Life of Pi”…I watched it y’day and it surely is a visual treat…as you said, I liked the movie better…..
    Thirdly – Instead of taking a break I prefer doing just the bare minimum when I get this feeling that I am not able to justice to things. After a while you get back the feeling that you are capable of doing so much better, that is the sign to go back to “full throttle”…

    • Thanks man for the suggestions. I haven’t get got around to watching “Life of Pi”, planning to do it this weekend.

  2. Almost 30% of the points are about movies! 😛

  3. welcome to India !!

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