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Five things Friday – One with a book, drink, film and move

August 3, 2012

1. After reading about Kombucha in many health blogs for the last few months and went ahead a bought a bottle from my local health food store. Whenever I go to the supermarket to buy my weekly groceries, I always ensure that I shop from the perimeter of the shop and avoid the aisles (The golden rule of healthy grocery shopping). However when it comes to health stores, I like to take my own sweet time and browse through each and every aisle. That is how I found the Kombucha bottles in their cold storage box. I was fancied by the look of the bottle and decided to buy one bottle to try it even though it was not an item in my shopping list. I finished the bottle over a period of two days and boy, does it make you feel energetic? It surely does. Don’t freak out thinking that it is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast; it does help with your digestion, keeps you focused and is purported to be the new elixir.

2. A couple of days back while searching aimlessly in Youtube for free movies, it came across a documentary film called ‘Life in a Day‘. Many of may have already watched it, but for those of you who haven’t, I highly recommend it. Based on the 4500 hours of footage submitted by people across the world, oscar winning director Kevin Mcdonald created this 90 minute film. I was enthralled by it for the entire 90 minutes. It makes you understand that no matter which part of the globe you are in and what your current political/financial/social/economic state be, we human beings basically wish for the same things. Other than basic needs like food, water and shelter; we all carve for love, acceptance by our loved ones, peace and the ability to achieve something/leave a mark in this world. It is a beautiful film and has wowed audiences across the world, including me. You may be the next, go and watch it !

3. After my introductory class to Bikram Yoga, I survived one more class. Yes, every one of them was right. It gets better with time and your ability to sustain heat gets improves with every class. I was much more relaxed during this class and loved every bit of it.  I didn’t have that ‘passing-out’ feeling, neither did I have my heart pounding so vigorously. It was calmer and a bit easier. I sipped on coconut water throughout the class, which was beneficial too. I have a third class today which I hope will make me fall in love with it more 🙂

4. When several people tweeted about this book, I was quite intrigued by the whole concept. I quickly checked my local library for its availability and came to know that it is available to be checked out anytime. I received my copy two days later and is in love with the book since then.

I flip through random pages, dream of faraway lands, think of their culture and plan imaginary trips in my head. I am in my own dreamland. National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips” lists down some of the most fascinating trips you can make across the globe. The book is divided into nine categories: across water, by rail, by road, on foot, in gourmet heaven, in their footsteps, up and away, in search of culture and into the action. Each section describes unique ways of exploring a city, landmark or culture.

5. Time for a Move: After being in this small town for about one and a half years, it is time for me to move again. I am faced with this daunting task of packing everything that I have hoarded in the past 17 months and move it all to India. Sigh ! This weekend will be full of packing, cleaning, tossing out stuff, shopping and packing again. The mere thought of it is giving me nightmares. I better step up and finish all the tasks soon because next week is full of farewell dinners/lunches.

What are you upto this weekend?

One Comment
  1. Kombucha : must try !
    Why have you not posted for so long ? if travelling great ! but if not we miss your posts!

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