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Be Normal

July 31, 2012

Be Normal, she was told

Good girls don’t laugh out loud

When they walk, the four walls

don’t hear their step either!


Be Normal, she was told

Don’t have huge ambitions,

Neither dream of higher degrees

Lest we can’t find you a groom


Be Normal, she was told

“That man was ogling at you”

Don’t attract attention

Lest you will be in trouble


Be Normal, she was told

Look at other girls

Don’t they watch what they wear, eat

drink, speak and how they behave !


“How much more normal?”,

She asked, soothing her

battered wings and

Crushed soul.


This post was written for the Trifecta Writing Challenge: Week Thirty-Six

I wonder how many of you out there will be able to relate to this post. If you had grown up in a patriarchal society which forces a girl to adhere to certain norms, I am sure you will identify with the above piece.


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  1. I had a strict upbringing. I can relate. Nice poem!

  2. I guess it is the same story everywhere – being a girl clips your wings.
    Very strong and very touching.

  3. varsha tiwary permalink

    very well said: hope to have more poetry on this blog !
    yes a girl grown up is a girl who has dealt with all this on daily basis : but the good part is that now we have the means and the roads to grow the wings again. Fifty years back that was not an option.

    • Thanks Varsha ! I agree things may have changed for better in the recent times, but I believe growing up is a difficult phase for each girl when faced with such situation each day. But once we grow out our wings again, there is nothing stopping us 🙂

  4. I had a strict upbringing too but mine was of the “finish your PhD before starting to date” variety. I like the question about how much more normal she should be; interesting and hard to define.

    • “finish your PhD before starting to date” that is tough. Yes, definition of normal is very tough to define. Welcome to my blog 🙂

  5. Not really brought up in such an environment. But I can feel the anguish of being admonished for trying to be true to yourself from your poem. Beautiful. Love the blog, the theme and the simplicity. Great job

    • Thanks Anita as always for being so encouraging. Yes, being true to oneself in a world which is trying their best to change us is something we all struggle with.

  6. My ex-wife was raised that way. Until she went to college, she had no clue that she could do anything she wanted to do. Nice depiction of a sad story.

    • Oh, that’s sad. I feel for her. I hope she went ahead and found things she is passionate about later in her life.

  7. I hope more girls are being encouraged in opposition to the way your subject was. But I know the pressure to conform is still the norm.
    Thanks for linking up with us. Please come on back Friday for the new challenge.

    • I sincerely hope so too. Pressure to conform is a norm whichever part of the world you are in. I enjoyed participating in the challenge. Will be back for more.

  8. Beautiful poem. I’m so thankful I was brought up to be independent, encouraged to continue education and allowed to be imperfect me.

  9. good to see you active again 🙂 like the q- ‘how much more normal’

    • You know what Rash? I was about to send you an email saying the domain has changed. But you found it out yourselves 😉 See I shifted to wordpress so that it will be much more easier for us to comment on each others blog 🙂

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