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Welcome to the new blog !

July 16, 2012

Bed ridden for many weeks means you have plenty of time to think. But having an ear infection right after your chicken pox phase just adds to your woes. You are in pain most of the time and you are loading your body with lots of medicines. Moreover, you are sick for a major part of the month now. June 2012 will go on to be the month I have taken the most number of medicines. In between drifting in and out of sleep induced by my pain-killers and antibiotics, I decided something has to change.  And that something is me. Well, along with my blog.

In my nth attempt to push myself to write more frequently and at the same time improve the readability of this blog; I have created this new blog. Everyone I know have migrated to WordPress and I found the interface of the blogs in WordPress must more neat. Hence, after hours of deliberation and days of procrastination, we are here. Stick around, I have plenty of stories to tell. In the meanwhile, do tell me how you feel about this new site.


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