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April 26, 2012
As I sit in this busy Starbucks sipping on my coffee, I feel overwhelmed.

I feel overwhelmed about so many things in life.

I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I don’t know in which city of this world I will be 4 months done the line. Such is my job which keeps me on my toes with its uncertainty. Though I find it exciting most of the times, today I am scared of the same fact.

I feel overwhelmed by the fact how dependent we have become of technology. How connected we are all the time with our smart phones, laptops, television and internet. How many passwords I have to maintain for all these accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, WunderList, Itunes, TripAdvisor,, Pinterest, etc.).

I feel overwhelmed by the fact that people come together, become friends, make beautiful memories and then move on with the life. You try your best to keep in touch and if you are lucky enough, the friendships survives the weather of time. Otherwise you gradually grow apart and ‘life’ takes over. Such is life. Such is the rule of universe. You can try hard to resist it, but eventually the only person who remains with you throughout is you.

I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I still haven’t found my purpose of life. You go about with your routine job, try to make it as challenging as possible, handle clients, get paid, receive accolades (and brickbats in equal amounts) and repeat the whole drill. All the while, a small doubt lingers in your mind: Is this what you really want to do with your life? Most of the time, you try to beat down that doubt and go on with the daily drill. Other times, you think hard and worry. But are we all destined to find the purpose of our life? I mean is everyone lucky enough to find and follow a passion in their life? I truly believe every one of us deserve to find the passion of our life. But at times I also wonder whether the whole idea of the purpose of life is fabricated. Maybe this is life. You struggle, suffer and drudge through; with a few moments of happiness thrown in. Maybe this is life all about. Nothing more or nothing less.

I feel overwhelmed by the fact that I am so far away from all the people I love. Everyone whom I have known for the most of my life is on the other side of the globe. My hubby stays in opposite coast of the country. Sigh !

I feel overwhelmed. Maybe it is just today. Maybe it is just me.


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  1. Very Nice Depiction of Life! So true about uncertainty, when you're in this part of the globe with both the heads working!Good to see you back on the blogging track !

  2. Life is the quest to find out what we really are – a writer or artist or engineer or farmer or what ever you think you are!Its a canvas to paint our mind! If we do not paint it ourselves, the canvas will be painted by others!

  3. it's definitely not just you. nice, contemplative post. good!

  4. @Anon: Thanks.So true about uncertainity especially when we are in this part of the world with both head's working.@Madhu: True. Hope I find enough colours to pain that canvas@rashmenon: Thanks Rash. Glad you liked it.

  5. Hey.. I haven't forgotten you! But yes, I have fallen prey to the mayas of time ! ;-)Life indeed drifts you apart like it brings you close to another at times.. Anyway, just thought of dropping u a line to say 'hello there, again' ! 🙂

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