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April 3, 2012
I am tagged by one of my best friends, Rash. She is one of my close buddies from school and we have known each other for the last 17 years. She has a way with words and etches out wonderful poems and stories in her blog. Thanks for tagging me Rash, I so much looked forward to doing this tag !

The rules of the game are:

You must post the rules.

Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create eleven new questions to ask the people you have tagged.

Tag eleven people and link them to your post.

And, let them know you have tagged them.

Here are the questions assigned to me and without further ado, let me dig deep into them.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

Well, interesting question. I had always loved reading and it included all the online content too. Way back in 2005, I started reading a lot of blogs online. Somewhere in that process, I had this sudden urge to start a blog. Hence, Dewdrops were born. To this day, I spend more time reading other blogs than writing the content for my blog – something I surely need to change.

2. Who’s your favourite author and which book by that author do you like best?

My favourite author is Saumerset Maugham and a book of his which I absolutely love ‘Of Human Bondage’. I believe anybody who have read this book will agree with me when I say that this is one of the best books ever written in English Literature.

However, if I can alter the question to read which is your favourite book of all time? then the answer is will be entirely different. My favourite book of all time is ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird‘ by Harper Lee. If you were to read one book in your entire lifetime it should be ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’. An all time classic that I can read many times over. My hero is Atticus Finch.

3. Do you identify with (or wish you were) a fictional character? Who is that?

Do I identify with a fictional character? Well, I don’t think I do. There are many fictional characters whom I adore, but don’t think I identify with any of them. Maybe because I think I am quite unique, ha ! But there sure is a fictional (comic) character whom I absolutely adore and that is Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes comics. I should proudly announce at this point in time that I own the entire Calvin and Hobbes collection and I find reading the comics quite stress-relieving. They put a smile to my face each and every time.

Calvin echoing my sentiments 😉

4. What’s your all-time-favourite food?

A difficult question because I love food across the cuisines and regions. But being a true blue malayalee, I should say that my favourite food is appam with vegetable stew.

5. What’s your favourite colour? Has it always been your favourite?

I love colours. I try to keep my wadrobe as colourful as possible. I love experimenting with a range of colours, however if I have to pick one colour for my clothes, it had to be black. Classic, elegant, yet stylish. I don’t think I have even met one person in my life who doesn’t look good in black. Everyone looks good in black.

6. Do you experience/Have you experienced mood-swings? How do you help / how have you helped yourself out of it?

I do experience mood-swings. What is the whole fun of being a girl/woman if you don’t go through mood-swings 😉 Best way to deal with them – Exercise. Move your body – go for a walk/run outside, breathe in some fresh air, soak in some Vitamin D from the sunshine and let the endorphins pump up your mood. I have always noticed that a little bit of exercise gives you more energy and takes you out of the slumpness instantly. Another easier way to get out of a bad mood is watch your favourite sitcom. Laugh out Loud and keep that smile on your face. Seinfield does it for me almost all the time.

7. What’s your favourite holiday spot?

Hard to choose one considering the fact that I love love travelling. At times I believe the whole reason for my existence on earth is to travel. Because I still call Kerala my home I don’t want to call it my favourite holiday spot. If I have to pick a favourite holiday spot in India, it has got to be Goa for its beaches, awesome sea food and rustic charm. Another favourite destination would be one of the northeastern states for its untouched beauty. I had never known that north eastern part of India is so beautiful until I made a trip to Sikkim.
8. Do you have any favourite word in the English language? Which one is it?

My current favourite word in English Language is ‘Petrichor’, simply because it is my favourite smell on earth and I recently found out that there is a name for this smell.

9. Which of your posts do you like best?

I like all of them, hehe 😀 One post of mine which is very close to my heart is The War.

10. Is there any trait/attitude/quality that is an instant turn-on for you? Do share.

Yes, ability to hold an intelligent conversation is an instant turn-on for me.

11. Have you ever written about a crush you had? If yes, please share the post/s.

No, I never have. I need to do a post on my long standing crush on Hugh Jackman soon 🙂
Phew ! That was hard 🙂


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