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MarchPhotoaDay – Day 1 – Up

March 2, 2012

Up on the lamp, perched a butterfly. What is it searching for? A little ray of sunshine or the warmth of its cocoon?

Photo a Day is a concept developed by FatMumSlim. I had been following some of the photos diligently posted by people in Instagram and blogs during FebPhotoaDay and decided to join in this month. The lamp in the picture is place directly above my table, the table on which I place my laptop, write, eat, read and do a gazillion other things. This butterfly was left by my friend when she was shifting houses and picked it up from her empty apartment. One day, I placed this butterfly on top of the lamp just out of curiosity and totally forgot about it. Taking this photo made me look at it again and realize how much I ignore the small things in my life.

Are you doing the marchphotoaday? If yes, leave me a comment and I will follow your posts in your blog/instagram/twitter? If not, tell me about a photo you took that is close to your heart.


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