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Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

January 14, 2011

First of all, I admit, this is ‘supposed to’ be a children’s book and I am still wondering how I missed reading this book in my childhood. But better late than never is the principle I follow in my life πŸ™‚ Believe me, you will enjoy reading this book, no matter what age you belong to. After all, we all have a little child hiding somewhere inside all of us πŸ™‚

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of the funniest children’s book I have ever read. Authored by Roadl Dahl, this book became a phenomenal success across the world when it was published way back in 1964. 1971 saw the release of movie version of the book starring Gene wilder, which was also proved consistently popular.

The basic premise of the story revolves around Charlie whose favourite thing in this world is ‘Chocolate’. He lives with his parents and grand parents in a small wodden house on the edge of a great town. The family has a mere hand to mouth existence, but they are happy in their own world. The town also hosts the ‘The Great Chocolate Factory’ by Willy Wonka which produces the yummiest chocolates which are distributed all across the world. What happens inside the factory is not known to anybody in the town. Willy Wonka in an attempt to uphold his trade secret, has made sure that no human enters the big factory. Naturally, there is a huge amount of curiosity to know what actually goes inside that factory.

And then a one day comes when Willy Wonka announces that he has hidden five golden tickets in five chocolates. The kids who find those tickets will be given an entry into the chocolate factory and Mr. Wonka himself will give them a guided tour of the factory. Above all, they will be given a supply of chocolates which will last for a lifetime. This news spread like a wild-fire across the town and hilarious events follow. The extend to which people are ready to go to procure one golden ticket, how Charlie finds his golden ticket, the happenings inside the factory and the final decision by Willy Wonka forms the rest of the book.

The whole book is a fantasy store house. There are Chocolate Rooms, Chocolate Water Falls, Oompa – Loompas, Chocolate Rivers, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Hair Toffees, Great Gum Machine, Eatable Marshmallow Pillows, Lickable Wallpapers, Hot Ice Creams, Fizzy Lifting Drinks, Square Sweets that look Round and a numerous other things which will make you wish you were in the factory instead of Charlie. Another notable feature of the book is the kind of words Roadl Dahl has used to describe various things (I believe this is a common feature across all his books) – Scrumdiddlyumptious, whangdoodles, hornswogglers, snoozwangers – they quite add to the humour and magical quotient of the book. In between all the chocolate, fun and magic in Willy Wonka’s world, the author tries to educate the children about the importance of discipline, respecting your elders and obeying them. It is all subtly put inside the book so that children can have a few insights into proper behaviour while they are enjoying reading this book.

Overall the book makes a very good read. It is a big chocolatey magical world out there. It is yummylicious. If you are not yet bitten by the ‘Roadl Dahl bug’, this is a good book to start.

This one is the first book I read for the Foodie Reading Challenge. I am glad I took the one with ‘Chocolate’ as the centrepiece for it πŸ™‚

  1. chocolaciously good post! i love that movie!

  2. I'm glad to know this is a book. My family loved the movie but this seems like a great was to get a chocolate fix without gaining calories. On the other hand, it make may me desire chocolate even more.

  3. @Aparna: Thanks :)@Margot: Chocolate fix without calories πŸ™‚ I love it ! It made me desire chocolate even more too.

  4. PB :) permalink

    i wanna eat some chocolates now!

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