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Awesome giveaways …

August 30, 2010

I am down with a heady concotion of fever and cold. But there are some very interesting giveaways happening in the blogville.

First one is from Sig and she is giving you a chance to “Win $100 or a copy of the cookbook Flavours of the Spice Coast by Mrs.K.M. Mathew”.
Check this out:

Next one is from Priya who is giving away the book, The Life O’Reilly by Brian Cohen. Check this out:

If you want to participate in either of these, rush to their blogs. Hurry !!!


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  1. How are you doing now ? Get well soon!!!The cookbook looks really interesting, trying this right away for tonight's dinner :) Care, Eat well and Take lots of rest !!!

  2. Wow anon, egg roast for dinner. Great 🙂 I so wish I can taste it. I am still down with fever and had been eating boring kichdi for the last so many days 😦

  3. Wish you a speedy recovery!And still waiting for the denouement of "A pair of eyes".

  4. Get well soon,the cookbook gives a good information.keep up the good work..

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