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The day that was …

July 31, 2010

Today, I went shopping with my girlfriends. Five of us shopped until we literally dropped. We shopped for 12 hours straight and I tried on clothes after clothes but still I didn’t buy a single piece of clothing today. And thanks to technology, I tried on several clothes, took pics in my camera, send those pictures to my sister in Kerala(through MMS) where she downloaded them to the computer, analysed them with my mom, cousins and aunties and gave me suggestions real time πŸ™‚ Such an innovative use of technolgy, isn’t it? I should say today, I am proud of myself to have used technology to my utmost advantage(Hehe, dodges the rotten tomatoes and eggs coming my way). But hey, I wanted them to be a part of the decision making process and this was the only way I could make it happen considering the distance separating us. But it was so much fun. Shopping with girls is always so therapeutic.

Another incident worth mentioning happened today when I was alone, away from my friends for about two hours. I was in a crowded street and I had come there looking for a shop. I couldn’t find the shop, I was in that part of the city for the first time, the street was so crowded, I was feeling so inaapropriate to be in that place and I was not getting an autorickshaw to go back to my place. I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable standing in that street and none of the autorickshaws were stopping by. Suddenly an auto came from nowhere and there was a lady inside it. I took a chance and asked her whether she is going to my part of the city. She indeed was going to the same place and readily agreed to my place. I got inside the autorickshaw. We started chatting and talked a lot about each other. She asked me why I came to this part of the city and where am I working, etcetcera. We exchanged a lot of details about each other and I felt so comfortable with her. Upon nearing our destination, I offered to pay half of the autorickshaw charges and she politely refused telling me that she decided to help me out because it was so clear that I was not feeling comfortable in that street. Anyway, the charges were so minimal, but I was touched by the humanity showed by a random stranger. All these happened at a time when everyone thinks twice before helping out some stranger we randomly meet. It was very nice of her to drop to my destination sensing my predicament. And the funniest part is I don’t know her name. We talked a lot about each other, but never mentioned each others names. When we reached our destination and got down from the vehicle, I got a phone call and I started talking over the phone. When I finished my call and just turned back she had gone. I felt sad that I couldn’t even thank her properly. Random stranger, you may never read this, but please know that I am touched by the small help you extended towards me. It gave me a sense of happiness that I carried in my heart for the rest of the day. Thanks a lot.

  1. PB :) permalink

    so u successfully completed the blog marathon … Congrats :)keep writing …

  2. Yeh fully agree.. Sometimes random strangers come to your aid so unexpectedly that u get a doubt if they r real or not. I have experienced it in some of the helpless moments in my life..Btw congrats for successfully completing the marathon. Enjoyed each n every post. All of them different and creative.. Kudos to u πŸ™‚

  3. I hope the marathon continues πŸ™‚ This reminds me of one similar experience i had . It was 10'o clock in the night i was on my way (alone) to some place in a bus, we were 200KM away from the destination when we had a trouble with the bus all the passengers were waiting for the repair work or in worst case a back up bus. My initial idea was to carry on on my own if the trouble was not rectified soon. After couple of minutes i slowly started interacting with two other families which looked as desperate as me to reach the destination. One family travelling for their boys Engg counselling other to catch a connecting train rest all passengers looked like not so troubled by the situation. Then we got to know that we have to wait for at least an half an hour(which in the best case meant 1hour) for the mechanic to arrive and then a desc ion will be made on the back up bus. I thought i can help them as well as my self if i can go and get a cab from a near by town which is 10KM away from the highway. All of them readily agreed and i manged to get one cab (how i managed to get one itself is a big story). Then as we traveled we all almost forgot the seriousness of our travel, we were involved in a number of interesting conversations (which again makes a big post on its own) finally we all got down at our destination and said good bye to each other. After travelling some more distance i realized that none of us introduced our selves hence no one would be knowing each others name.There is a very feeble chance we meet each other again but i am sure all of us would remember the strange journey we had.

  4. Shopping without buying anything!! :O I'm surprised! :D& yeah, using technology like that makes us feel so good..RAK by strangers do happen sometimes.. πŸ™‚ and its worth remembering them..

  5. congratsssss πŸ™‚

  6. Congraats on completing the blog marathon. I am waiting for the next part of the story…

  7. πŸ™‚ Thats sweet of the stranger. And Kudos on completing the marathon! :))))

  8. lolz. Technology has just made shopping a worse experience for men now πŸ˜€ Forget about being dragged to the stores and watching women try out stuff one after the other until we're at the verge of killing ourselves, now we will be dragged to the PC to watch what they are trying out :DEven I once shared an auto with a stranger going to the same area because both of us couldn't find any autos for a long time. Finally we said lets try together and we got one. We eventually talked about our work, and our passion. Turns out he was a hardcore ManUtd fan while I'm a hardcore Arsenal fan. We even started arguing etc and had good fun. In the end we reached our destination and parted ways. We didn't ask each other for our names because, if we do, it becomes more personal, and basically I guess we both want to leave it at that. Maybe that is why the two of you never mentioned your names either. And congrats on the marathon success πŸ™‚

  9. @PB: Thanks a lot :)@Dhanya: Thanks. Its so true that random strangers can become gaurdian angels at times.@RM: That is some story that you have told us. Really enjoyed reading it. I believe even the strangest of strangers come together in moments of adversity.@Kishley: Totally agree. RAK by strangers leaves us with a warm feeling, always.@Hitha: Thanks dear.@Manju: The next part of story will soon come :)@Pratibha: Thanks dear. Your words were always so encouraging :)@illusionaire: Lol, thats true. It is a new dimension to our shopping πŸ™‚ I agree, some things are best if we leave it without exchanging too many personal details πŸ™‚

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