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While I was on my bike …

July 28, 2010

She looked closely at her new toy. There is no backing off now. She asked for it afterall. She mounted the bicycle very carefully. Her dad held the bicycle from backside and she slowly started pedalling the cycle. She swayed this side, that side, many a times, she felt that she is going to fall the next moment. She was really scared. But dad reassured her that he is not going to loosen his grip on the bicycle. She held on to it and slowly learnt to master the fine art of balancing on two wheels. The day she balanced a bicycle on her own, she was elated. Her joy knew no bounds. She cycled that day for a longtime.

My cycles changed many a times after that, but one thing that remained constant was my love for biking. I always felt an adrenaline rush whenever I mounted on a bicycle seat. While I used my feet on the pedal to race ahead, I loved the wind touching my face, tousling my hair and I always had a song on my lips. One of the simple pleasures of life.

In my bskul, I used a bicycle for two years. Me and my friends used to go for long drives on our cycles, we had cycle races, night cycling and even slow cycle races. I still remember the morning rush when it would be only be five minutes remaining for the lecture to start and we will rush from our mess towards the cycle stand. We pick up our cycles and zoom we go. Those are the times when I would have cycled at the maximum speed. We had to reach there at any cost before the lecturer closes the door. We used to park our bicycles in the parking area and rush to the lecture halls, at a speed that would have put any sprinter to shame.

When in NewYork, I was always fascinated by sheer amount of activities that goes in and around Central Park. One of the things I always wanted to do was to cycle in the Park and I managed to do that one fine Sunday. I had been putting it off for many weeks because of various reasons like wind speed too high, temperature too low, etc. And when I finally managed to do that, what an experience it was. You can rent bicycles right outside some of the park entrances. While in one of those shops, I noticed the large amount of merchandise associated with biking. There were cycling shots, helmets, goggles, gloves and what not.

We rent our bikes and started going around the park. There are designated paths for cycles and even traffic lights where you have to stop and allow the pedestrians to cross, all right inside the park. While going around the vast expanse of Central Park, there are several things that catch your eye. There will be musicians playing melodious music, people boating in the lake, kids/adults playing different games, baseball game being played in the central ground, lots of people walking around the park, street vendors and a large number of people on their bikes. That was my first experience of using a geared bike also. I had so much fun and I completed two full rounds around the Central Park. Quite strenuous and a very good workout session. I plan to go back for many more next time I am in NewYork.

Pic: My shoes and helmet in the grass in Central Park

Always fascinated with its charm, I think I always go back to being that little girl whenever I mount a bike. All my worries and stress vanish and I start playing hide and seek with wind. Moreover, its so eco-friendly. Three cheers to you bike, one of my first and most favourite toys. You will never cease to amaze with the charm you ooze out on me.

SO what is your favourite biking experience?

Trivia: Lance Armstrong’s book ‘Its not about the bike’ is one of the most inspiring auto biographies I have ever read.

  1. The way I learnt cycling was fun. Fell down umpteen times and disfigured the cycle. My dad would run behind me.But that was all a part of fun.I would go to my school by cycle and that was that. now-a-days the traffic has increased and my mom strictly is not allowing me to pedal my way..careless that I am. Now it has rusted and I have given to my neighbour kid:(Biking in central park seems fun!

  2. From anon: I became proficient in cycling pretty late. But my first trial on two wheels began when i was in class 2. some one just said sit straight and pedal. i did the same and landed straight into mount of pebbles, quite a bruising experience.

  3. I used to use my sister's bicycle which was slightly bigger for me. After I became a pro in cycling, I had this fascination to leave both my hands while cycling and I ended up with badly bruised knees!

  4. @aparna: Even I fell down so many times before I could get it right. Oh, giving away your cycle to another person can be quite disheartening, but hey, you can buy a brand new one now :)@anon: I know 'sit straight and pedal' is a common advice given to novies :)@pratibha: Fascination for leaving two hands and cycling, hmmm, I am not surprised because it comes from you 🙂 You had always been the adventurous girl you know 🙂 We should cycle together sometime.

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