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A pair of eyes -2

July 24, 2010

Continued from A pair of eyes – 1

She speaks:

First time I saw him, I was shocked. I didn’t know that he was standing right next to me all the while. He smiled and I was in a trance. Even if I had smiled, he wouldn’t have seen it anyway. I was too embarrassed to even return his smile and quickly turned my head. It was getting very late for me, so I decided to walk to the nearby autorickshaw stand and take an auto, instead of my usual bus.

After that I kept meeting him in the busstop. We always took the evening buses. He always had a mischievous smile on his lips and he kept looking at me once in a while. I kind of started liking the attention that he was showering me with. Whenever he caught me looking at him, I blushed. Thank god for the hijab, else he would have seen my red face everytime. Once I started giggling after seeing his smile towards me and a friend of mine caught me. I had a hard time explaining to her that I just remember something that happened earlier that day and giggled.

Every day, I noticed something new about him. First, there were those curly locks which kept falling off to his forehead. He seems to be pretty irritated by those locks and kept pushing it off his face. Another day, I noticed that his lips curve to left whenever he smiled. Next day, he was speaking to his friend, I realised he was a weird way of stopping in the middle of a sentence.

Many a time, I thought he will speak something to me, but he never did. Had he spoken something, I don’t know whether I would have responded. If someone sees me speaking to him in a busstop, there will be a huge ruckus at home. Babba will scold me to no end and may stop me from going to college the very next day. So I kept quiet and enjoyed all the attention he was giving me. I was happy in those silent moments that we shared.

I don’t know when I started timing my visits to the busstop so that I can see him everyday …

To be continued …


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  1. pretty interesting start waiting for the next one

  2. šŸ™‚ waiting for more!! Loved the 'He speaks', 'She speaks' perspectives!

  3. Nice story! I liked the concept of two stories happening together!

  4. Good one!! Waiting for the next part šŸ™‚

  5. @RM: The next part is coming soon to a laptop screen next to you šŸ˜€ Can I sound anymore dramatic :)@Kishley: Thanks šŸ™‚ Just trying a new perspective in writing.@Madhu: Thanks, its one story, just happening from two different perspectives@Geek: Thanks, it will come soon šŸ™‚

  6. PB :) permalink

    next is "They Speak"? šŸ˜› nice story Dew … please post the rest also soon :)one question – have u completed this story or are you also writing part by part?

  7. @PB: Let's wait and watch. Will post the rest soon.I am also building up the story in my mind šŸ™‚

  8. Ooops, i want to read more of this..can we have the next episode please….sooooooon plz:)

  9. @pratibha: Its coming soon to you šŸ™‚

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