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The weekend that was …

July 5, 2010

fun filled with good sporting action and a boring movie !!!

Saturday evening was spent watching Germany-Argentina match in hard rock cafe with four football crazy, Argentinian fans. Me for once haven’t watched a football match completely, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching this match. The first half was thoroughly entertaining, the atmosphere inside HRC was electrifying with people supporting both the teams. The second half was entirely in germany’s favor and the mood at our table had become quite sullen, by the last few minutes. Klose, Muller, Ozil, Podolski, Schweinsteiger and co. put up a good show, but how I wish Argentina had won. I had a hard time consoling some heart-broken Argentina/Messi/Maradona fans, the look on their faces was worth capturing, but I didn’t dare to do it for entirely health reasons 🙂

Sunday evening, I watched ‘I hate luv storys’. Karan Johar trying to make a spoof on his own love stories is commendable, but this movie, by far is the most ridiculous one from his kitty. Absolutely no story line, below par performances, no good songs even. I even felt that the editor forgot his/her scissors somewhere. And how I thought this one is going to be different 😦 The only saving grace was a few good jokes here and there, esp, ‘Idhar Udhar ki batein, vagera, vagera’ one. I can’t give more than one star for this movie. Watch it at your own risk.

So how was your weekend?

  1. PB :) permalink

    arey waah!!! … never knew u cud name so many football players 😉 😛 :D… good to know that u njoyed the match … the result was so disappointing for me 😦 … aur kya kya hei idhar udhar ki baatein? 😀

  2. @PB: hehhe, Guess you underestimated my football knowledge 🙂 Watch the movie when you get time, you will get to know the joke 🙂

  3. PB :) permalink

    @Dewdrop: how cruel can u be, suggesting that movie to me? 😀 😀 😀

  4. @PB: Why should I be the only scapegoat? 😛

  5. Hmmm good that you ae following the world cup! 🙂 To me it suffices to check out the results the next day in the newspaper!From the promos the movie seemed mushy but watchable, but most people who have seen the movie seem to agree with you!

  6. @pratibha: This was the first match that I watched completely. Otherwise, I get up-to-date information from my football crazy friends and newpapers :)Even I though the same about the movie, but its a very avoidable one dear. Not worth investing your time.

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