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December 12, 2007

Almost five months since i blogged.

And yeah, five months since joined my B school.

Life had been full of new experiences since then, a whirlpool of casestudies, assignments, quizzes, exams, lots of new friends and lots of fun.

My latest crush – FINANCE. I never thought i would love this subject this much. I had almost decided on my specialization before joining the B school. But it only took a few days with my finance books to change my decision. Our finance prof. further piqued our interest in the subject by saying “No Money, No Honey”, in the very first class. I must say, a very innovative way of generating students’ interest in the subject 🙂

Ofcouse i can’t boast that the so called “busy schedule” in a B school was the reason for my absence in blogosphere. But yes, i plan to make up for it and be a regular blogger from now on.


From → b skul

  1. welcome back to the world of blogosphere 🙂 ….albeit i was intorduced to ur blog in these last 5 months when u were not posting,was so hooked with the style n rendition that i went back to read quite a lot of ur posts….i can definitively declare that u never had such a busy schedule as to not blog ;)….after all,been seein wat all u upto in the last 5 months :P….and also knw tht now u say u will blog,u will….lookin fwd to many lovely posts :)….as for ur latest crush,with ur zeal n dedication,guess thts gonna be a lifelong crush for you….ata gal,go for it :)….o n btw,even if it meant 5 months of not bloggin,past 5 months has made me glad to know u lady !! :)….ciao….Pooj

  2. @PoojIt was been my pleasure knowing u too gal. Will keep on blogging 🙂

  3. Nice to see u around again! Hope this one does not end up like your new year resolution as well :DWell liked your tag ‘b skul’. Hope to see more fresh content flowing in as always.

  4. @ankurgEven i hope this wont end up like my newyear resolution 🙂

  5. one more fan of yours, a bit older .keep writing

  6. grt to see you back posting again.hope the new found crush stays with you and keeps ur enthusiasm for work going.look forward to higher frequency of posts.

  7. Hmm.. hope B School life won’t take away the poet within you..and you will continue to write more “120 seconds”, and “Her eye view” and “Sand Houses”…

  8. @purushothamanThank you. Yes, I do hope to keep writing :)@anonEven I hope my newly found crush stays with me. :)@arojI think the onus is upon me not to kill the poet, so won’t do that 🙂

  9. hey welcome back.. 🙂

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